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Northern California’s complex geologic conditions make it imperative that geologic factors be considered on any engineering project.  While foundations and structures are often located in topographically diverse areas, sites located in bedrock can’t always be adequately characterized using conventional geotechnical methods alone.  This is especially true in the complex bedrock geology in the Coastal Mountain Ranges where the success of engineering projects is heavily dependent upon accurately assessing geologic conditions.  

KC Engineering Company’s geologic services draw from extensive experience with these complex geologic conditions.  This has proven invaluable in evaluating the engineering and structural geology of a site and determining the potential impacts of project layout, site grading, and structure foundation design.

The Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act, adopted and enforced by state and local agencies, requires that sites that are located within a known active or potentially active fault zone are investigated for surface rupture hazards.  KC Engineering can perform a fault investigation which is conducted to identify the presence and activity level of an earthquake fault and it’s potential impact to site development.  If an active fault is found through a site, appropriate building setbacks are established.  These services generally require coordination with the local jurisdictions, and their peer reviewers, to ensure that adequate site characterization is performed.  Ultimately, the fault investigation report is submitted to the California Geological Survey for review and incorporation into the State’s mapping program.

Our services include:

  • Geologic reconnaissance and mapping
  • Fault investigations
  • Exploratory borings and trenches
  • Aerial photograph review and interpretation
  • Rock slope stability, landslides and rockfall hazards
  • Rock rippability studies
  • Grading observation
  • Hydrogeology
  • Peer review for public and private agencies

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