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KC Engineering company's environmental staff has extensive experience in performing all aspects of environmental site assessments, site characterizations, and remediation plans in conformance with ASTM Standards.  We have performed Phase I and Phase II Assessments on commercial, industrial, and residential properties throughout California.  Our work includes conducting site reconnaissance’s, evaluating historical research, reviewing regulatory agency records and government databases, interpreting aerial photographs, historic topographic maps, sampling soil and groundwater, interpreting laboratory data, and preparing final reports that include recommendations for remediation.  Our staff has authored numerous Closure Reports, Work Plans, and Health and Safety Plans for regulatory agency submittal.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.  Our environmental staff specializes in performing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments in conformance with ASTM Standard E1527.  Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are conducted to identify recognized environmental conditions in connection with a property.  The term “recognized environmental conditions” means the presence or likely presence of any hazardous substances or petroleum products on a property under conditions that indicate an existing release, a past release, or a material threat of a release of any hazardous substances or petroleum products into structures on the property or into the ground, groundwater, or surface water of the property.  

Environmental Audits.  We have conducted Site Closure Environmental Audits for properties in Northern California.  Services performed include an initial site reconnaissance to identify areas of potential environmental concern; soil and groundwater sampling and analysis; and preparation of a Site Closure Environmental Audit report.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.  We have conducted numerous Phase II Environmental Site Assessments on properties located throughout Northern California.  Phase II studies have been performed to determine the presence or absence of soil and groundwater contamination at a property after a recognized environmental condition has been identified during the course of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.  Our staff has experience identifying and defining petroleum hydrocarbon, solvents, agricultural chemicals, and metals-based contamination plumes in both the soil and groundwater.  

Soil Remediation.  Following the identification and delineation of contamination plumes, our staff has coordinated and overseen soil remediation activities including remediation by excavation and in-situ bio-remediation.

Regulatory Agency Case Closure.  Our staff has authored several Closure Reports for regulatory agency submittal following successful remediation of contaminated properties.  Our staff also authors Closure Reports for underground storage tank removal activities.  

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